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Level 2 and/or Level 3 Fire season Skyline Logging solution: Acquire a waiver and keep on yarding. Our Patented cradle system is the only fire wagon on the market that can allow you to continue Skyline logging during Level 2 or 3 Fire Status. You can easily water down the skyline road by using the cradle unit on your skycar. This unit has a rotating motion as it travels down the skyline covering a radius of over 100 feet, allowing you to apply for your Level 2 or 3 logging waiver.

Complete Fire Protection
Meets or exceeds both State and US Forestry requirements
One Wagon, unlimited options
Uses: Construction* Dust Control* Logging

Sprayer: Area and Construction Dust Control, Field Maintenance, Road/Construction Clean up. Power Washer
Fire Protection: Forest/Logging Fire Protection, Out of District home protection,Fire Insurance deductions (see insurance provider) skyline waiver yarding!!!